Alfa Romeo San Diego CA

For Directions to Mossy Alfa Romeo Dealership


When you're ready to come visit us in person, it's easy to make your way over from San Diego. First, head north on 1st Ave. Turn right to merge onto I-5/San Diego Freeway. Take Exit 10 and turn left onto Mile of Cars Way. Turn right onto National City Blvd. Finally, our location will be on your right!


The Alfa Romeo Giulia carries the nameplate of a mid-century classic, carrying that heritage into the modern age. This sport sedan enters a distinctly Italian competitor into the segment. Inside and out, the Giulia has a unique flair. The best part? It has the performance to back it up.

For our enthusiast-minded drivers, we offer the sharp-handling Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe and 4C Spider. This compact sports car delivers nimble performance with its taught carbon fiber chassis and turbocharged engine. Plus, the 4C's unmistakable styling makes its presence known in any crowd.

Opting for an SUV doesn't have to mean sacrificing style and performance. With the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, you can have both while also taking advantage of convenient interior space and a comfortable ride height. Alfa Romeo's first foray into the SUV segment offers drivers a compelling alternative.

Make Your Way to Mossy Alfa Romeo from San Diego

Mossy Alfa Romeo helps drivers all around San Diego connect with the refinement and style of Italian automotive heritage. Visit our location south of San Diego and you'll discover a lineup of new models set apart from the crowd with distinct styling, soulful performance, and a connection to history. Whether you're in search of performance or luxury, our inventory can accommodate your interest.

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