How You Can Repair Minor Paint Scratches Yourself

The reasons why you need to have experts looking at the cooling system of your vehicle as the school year begins is because there are numerous parts all operating together to protect the internal parts of your engine.

The radiator not only helps to cool down the engine fluids, it puts it right in front of the fan so the temperature drops faster. The mechanic will also check the radiator cap is the right pressure and the coolant is flushed and filled with a high-grade replacement.

If the water pump fails, then the engine coolant cannot circulate through the cooling system. The water pump belt must be tight, and it has to be in good working condition. The pump itself will be visually checked to ensure no fluids are leaking from the underside if the bearings fail. The radiator hoses will be checked for any signs of damage and the clamps checked for corrosion that could weaken them.

Our crew at Mossy Alfa Romeo can schedule you for regular cooling system maintenance checks now.

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