What do Brake Pads do?

There are many components that make up your vehicle's braking system, such as brake pads. Brake pads apply pressure and friction to the brake rotors, which are the shiny discs that you may be able to see behind your vehicle's wheels. The pressure and friction that that brake pads apply to the rotors are what causes your vehicle to slow down when your foot engages the brake pedal.

Brake pads wear regularly because they are a buffer between the calipers, pistons, and rotors. If you want to know how often that your brake pads should be changed, it is advised to reference your owner's manual. For most vehicles, the brake pads should be changed between 25,000 and 50,000 miles, but there are some vehicles that can last 70,000 miles before they need to have the brake pads replaced.

It is best to use brand names when having your brake pads replaced. This is because most brand names use the FMSI brake standard when they manufacture their brake pads. In addition, be sure that the brake pads include factory style shims.



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