Things to Consider When Buying an AWD or a 4WD Vehicle

Although some people do not realize the difference between an AWD and a 4WD vehicle, there is a distinct difference. The two cars offer excellent traction ability and have a good resale value if you are looking to resale your vehicle soon. According to Mossy Alfa Romeo, you should know the following facts before you can make your final decision.

All-wheel drives do the hard work for you. They are equipped with sensors that will detect changing road conditions and adjust accordingly. You do not need any manual gear changing. All-wheel drives are better suited for dry handling and cornering as the vehicles can distribute torque to all four wheels using electromagnet clutches.

Four-wheel drives, on the other hand, are meant to cruise the rough terrains when off-roading. These cars are better at fuel consumption because switching to a four-wheel drive mode helps save on gas.

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