Do You Know What a Timing Belt Does?

When you purchase a new vehicle for the first time you probably are basing your decision on a number of simple factors such as safety, power and maybe some interior features that will keep you comfortable. As you own the vehicle for longer periods of time, you may find that you learn a lot of about the different parts of a vehicle and what needs to be repaired and maintained over time. The timing belt is an important part of your vehicle but it isn't something many people know a lot about.

Essentially, your timing belt is a drive belt that is powered by the camshaft of your vehicle. This camshaft is responsible for the timing gear on your vehicle that opens and closes the valves in your engine. This is the case with an internal combustion-based vehicle. An integral part of your vehicle, we will routinely inspect your timing belt during routine maintenance.

For more information on timing belt service contact our service center here at Mossy Alfa Romeo.


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