Keep Control of Your Car in Rain

Heavy rain or snow can cause your car to hydroplane, which means you lose control of the traction and feel as if your car is sliding across the road. You should avoid driving too close to other drivers or from being near the edge of the lane. Water accumulation is the primary cause of hydroplaning, although worn down tires certainly do not help the situation.

In addition to making sure that your tires are not in need of replacement, you should take care to check the tire pressure levels. While it is not good to have overinflated tires, underinflated tires are a preventable cause of hydroplaning. Getting your tires balanced and rotated will expose any problems before you hit the road in poor driving conditions.

Make your appointment with the experienced auto repair team at Mossy Alfa Romeo in National City, CA so that you can drive with confidence during the next bad rain storm.

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