What Does A Gasket Do?

Many complex parts come together to work in harmony in an automobile. Not all parts, however, are complicated. The design of a gasket reflects the simple brilliance of car engineering. Don't let the simplicity of a gasket make you think it isn't an important part. Gaskets serve vital functions.

All sorts of different liquids and gases run through a car. Gaskets fit between parts in order to keep gases and liquids from either leaking out or improperly mixing. Gaskets must do their job under extreme temperatures. As such, they must be durable.

Everything from rubber to copper to steel is used to make gaskets. The materials do need to be durable in order to also be reliable. Otherwise, a gasket wouldn't be able to do the job intended for it. Operating a car with weak gaskets could be hazardous. Gaskets do not last forever though. Worn or damaged gaskets do need to be replaced.

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