Planning Today for a Potential Roadside Emergency

Your friends at Mossy Alfa Romeo wanted to make sure you were prepared in the event that something were to go wrong out on the road. Prepare a roadside emergency kit to be able to get back on the road quickly.

Keep a small bag of tools in the trunk that includes pliers, duct tape, hammer, wrenches, socket set, scissors, and knife. Always have a working flashlight and plenty of batteries in your roadside kit in case you're stuck at night.

In case the vehicle comes to a stop, an empty gas can or jumper cables can be a lifesaver when any motorist pulls over to offer assistance. Pack some extra liquids in the trunk. Things like extra wiper fluid, engine coolant, and motor oil, all essential for getting your vehicle moving again.

Before your next trip, visit Mossy Alfa Romeo so we can give the vehicle a full-service check-up and identify areas of concern.



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