Oversteer And Understeer Differences Matter During Slides

Oversteer and understeer sensitivities are sometimes built into vehicles because of the work they perform. For instance, understeer is common in huge tractor trailers that haul extremely heavy loads. Passenger vehicle manufacturers have neutral steering in mind. When you drive around town, it is always good to know how different models behave.

Oversteer is most common in cars with rear-wheel drive. This means the tendency is for the back of the vehicle to turn quicker than the front. The opposite is true for front-wheel drive vehicles. The front wheels are doing the jobs of steering and acceleration. Most drivers become aware of these tendencies when negotiating slides caused by slick road conditions.

Steering neutrally in slick conditions provides a maximum amount of safety and control. Experts, like those at Mossy Alfa Romeo, understand how many different vehicles handle in various conditions. When you shop for a new car, steering capability should be high on your desired features list.



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